Windows 11: When it will be released, how much it will cost, and everything you need to know.


Windows has always existed to serve as a platform for the advancement of technology around the world. It has served as the backbone of big corporations, and it is where scrappy startups have grown into household names. Windows was the platform on which the web was born and grew up. For many of us, it was the location where we wrote our first emails, played our first PC games, and wrote our very first line of computer code. Windows is the platform on which people create, interact, learn, and achieve their goals – a platform on which more than a billion people rely today.

In his keynote address, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that Windows 11 is an open platform that allows developers to do whatever they want with their apps. Specifically, Nadella is referring to third-party payment systems that will help developers grow their companies with Windows 11. One of their primary attractions is the fact that there is no commission on transactions made through their payment system — something that Apple strongly opposes and feels renders the platform more vulnerable to spyware and viruses.

The Microsoft Store has been redesigned for Windows 11.

A new app store is being developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows 11 operating system, which is one of the most significant revelations thus far. The new Microsoft Store app has a more fluid user interface that matches the rest of Windows 11, but that isn’t the most notable improvement. Several policies governing which programmes can be found on the Microsoft Storefront are being revised by the company.

App developers can now submit unpackaged Win32 applications in either.exe or MSI format to the Microsoft Store as a result of the new Microsoft Store.Microsoft does not take a portion of the revenue generated by developers that utilise their own content delivery networks and their own commerce platforms, according to the company. This will make it possible for nearly any software running on the Windows platform to be featured and discovered in the Microsoft Store by end users in the future.

In order to demonstrate to the world that it is serious about the new Microsoft Store initiative, Microsoft says it is adding its own apps, such as Teams, Office, and Visual Studio, to the new Microsoft Store. The company says it hopes that other app developers, such as Mozilla and Adobe, will follow its lead.

Also revealed today by Microsoft is the support for Android apps such as TikTok on Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store!

Windows 11 updates will be smaller and more efficient than previous versions of Windows.

In addition, Microsoft promises that Windows 11 provides a 40 percent performance gain and that Windows updates will be lower in size and will continue to run in the background. In other words, you can carry on with your work while the computer is being updated in the background.

The process of upgrading to Windows 11

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11 after it becomes available, you must first go into the settings of your PC or laptop that is running Windows 10. Navigate to Update & Security, and then click on Windows Update to complete the process. By clicking on this button, you will be able to see if there have been any updates. If a feature update to Windows 11 is available, you will notice an update that says “Feature update to Windows 11.” Select Download and install from the drop-down menu.

Requirements for Windows 11

Windows 11 is a high-end operating system, similar to Apple’s macOS in terms of features. The fact that it works with a wide range of hardware is what sets it apart from macOS. There are numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that ship Windows on their PCs, laptops, convertibles, and other devices. And it is for this reason that Microsoft must have a set of requirements in order for its operating system to deliver on its claims.

The following are the minimum system requirements for Windows 11:

Processor -You must have a processor or System on a Chip (SoC) with a clock speed of at least 1GHz, two cores, and a 64-bit architecture in order to run the programme. This includes, among other things, virtually all of Intel’s Core, Pentium, and Evo chipsets, as well as AMD’s Ryzen chipsets.

Ram-The amount of RAM available on your computer should be at least 4GB in order to run Windows 11. If your old computer only has 2GB of RAM, you will be unable to install Windows 11, and you will be forced to either purchase a new computer or physically upgrade the RAM on your existing computer.

Storage – A minimum of 64GB of available storage space is required for your PC. I believe it is a rather minor need, so most old PCs and laptops should be able to meet it.

System firmware – Your PC must be equipped with UEFI and Secure Boot in order to run Windows 11. Although identical to BIOS in appearance, UEFI serves an important function in the connection of a computer’s firmware to its operating system. In computing, Secure Boot is a collection of programmes that determines whether or not your operating system is secure when it is running on a computer.

Graphics card – Windows 11, Microsoft recommends DirectX 12 compliant graphics cards that are also equipped with WDDM 2.x. Nearly all graphics cards from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD that have recently been released support DirectX 12, but you should double-check whether your PC is equipped with a compatible graphics card. Don’t be concerned; you won’t have to do anything to achieve this, and I’ll explain more about it later.

Display -Your computer’s screen must be at least 9 inches in size and have a high definition (720p) resolution. Most laptops have screens that are either 14-inch or 15.6-inch in size, and monitors are available in a variety of sizes that are all larger than 9-inch, so the display on your old PC should not be a problem.

Internet access -In addition to downloading Windows 11 onto your computer, you will want access to the internet in order to activate it. Only Windows 10 customers who have purchased a legitimate copy of the operating system are eligible to download Windows 11.

Is it possible that Windows 11 will be made available for free?

Windows 11 will be available for free download as well, but only to those who already have a valid copy of Windows 10 installed on their machines. Microsoft has stated that the distribution will begin somewhere in November and will continue through the end of the decade. It’s possible to test Windows 11 beta versions until the final version is published if you join the Windows Insider Program, but this will need you to wait for a long time.


Windows is more than simply an operating system; it’s a fabric that is woven into our daily lives and our professional lives as well. There, we meet new people and study as well as work and play. It’s a great place to be. It has grown known to us and has been modified to our needs over time. It’s an exciting time for Windows users right now because the operating system has to be optimised on a general level.

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