The Portrait of a Lady Summary (Hornbill)

The Portrait of a Lady Summary (Hornbill)

The Author Says:

In the two decades that I had known my grandmother, she had developed prominent wrinkles and a frailer figure. Many stated she had once been young and lovely, and there was no question that she had even had a spouse, but those claims were difficult to accept. My grandfather's photo was prominently displayed over the fireplace in the drawing room. He was wearing a large turban and loose-fitting clothing, and he was several decades older than he looked. He seemed as if he could only have as many grandkids as there were grains of sand on the beach.

I had nearly thrown up when I thought about my grandmother being young and attractive. "I got my own room one day, and it was one of the best things that had happened to me." Their bond was torn apart as their friendship shattered." The quote from The Annals of Sanness goes like this: "I would try to pass on to her English words and ideas about western science and learning, including the law of gravity, Archimedes' Principle, and the globe being round. After feeding the sparrows, she had a well-deserved rest in the afternoon. As she sat in the veranda, she would give out handfuls of nuts to the birds. She used to consider the twenty minutes from five to seven p.m. as the happiest part of her day. A significant change in her personality occurred through the evening.

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She had not prayed. The next morning she was stricken with illness. She lay in bed quietly praying and telling her beads. She told us that her death was approaching even before we could stop her. She stated she wasn't going to waste any more time talking to us because she hadn't prayed just a few hours before the end of her last chapter of life.

Suspect's lips froze, and the rosary slipped from her lifeless fingers. We realised she was gone when a peaceful pallor came across her face. Thousands of sparrows sat on the verandah and in her room, straight up to where she lay dead and rigid draped in a scarlet shroud.