How to FIX HBO Max Sound Problems (2021)

How to FIX HBO Max Sound Problems (2021)

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HBO Max is HBO's premium subscription that allows users to watch all of their favourite movies and shows. HBO Max also gives you access to exclusive HBO series. However, a variety of obstacles may hinder you from doing so. We're going to discuss one of these issues, HBO Max's lack of sound.

Apart from that, we'd also talk about how to correct it along the road. Because HBO Max is used by several devices, you should double-check each solution. Let's get this article started right away.

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How do I fix HBO Max's sound problem?

Examine the volume

It may appear to be a ridiculous answer, but believe me when I say that you do not want to know how many times it has happened to me. I wasted precious seconds trying to download files again because I thought they were missing audio due to a bug. Check your device's audio levels to avoid making the same error.

Make sure your phone is not in do not disturb mode

The sound profiles are fantastic. On keypad phones in the past, you might have noticed different profiles, such as Silent, Meeting, Outside, and so on. The same is renamed on Android or iPhones, and one of them is DND (or Do Not Disturb in short), which is wonderful for muting your phone but disables media sound if you don't enable it.

Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off whenever you're utilising HBO Max or any other media material, including audio.

Speakers with flaws

Do you have an ancient phone? Perhaps your device's speakers have finally given up the ghost. This implies you won't be able to receive clear or continuous audio from it. It's possible that you won't get any sound from it at all.

The best approach to seeing if the material has audio is to try a working pair of earbuds or headphones and plug them into the audio jack.

Bluetooth compatibility

You would not notice if your Bluetooth was unintentionally linked to your headphones or the speakers downstairs, but you would think that the noise was not originating from the media content.

Always check your notification panel to see if anything is associated with your Bluetooth, which could be open and paired with another device in most circumstances.

Speakers should be checked

This is computer and Smart TV advice (Samsung and Apple TVs). Always double-check your external speakers to ensure they are properly connected. Try playing another piece of material to see if it has any sounds. If it doesn't, your speaker will need to be reprogrammed.

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Maintain the most recent versions of your browsers, television software, and HBO Max app. This would be really beneficial to you, not just in terms of the audio problem, but also in terms of other issues! If nothing else works, try searching for a solution on the HBO Max help website.


The steps in the above advice will show you how to effortlessly cure HBO Max no sound on various devices. I hope you find the information in this post beneficial. Try this guide if your HBO Max screen is stuck.